Dr. Somnath Vibhute


If work is worship then St. Gonsalo Garcia College has been my place of worship since the past many years. It is indeed a great honour to lead this college. The foundation of this great institution was laid by our founder Prin. Fr. John Rumao way back in 1984. The college has a reputable history of legendary principals since its beginning. Fr. John Rumao was succeeded by historians Fr. Joseph Wellingkar and Dr. Regin D’Silva. Then Rev. Fr. Dr. Solomon Rodrigues in his longer tenure tried to develop extra-curricular and cocurricular abilities of our institution. He was succeeded by an academician Dr. Dominic Lopes who was followed by a literary personality and well-known poet Dr. Cecilia Carvalho.

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in the man” _ माणसात असलेल्या परिपूर्णतेचे प्रकटीकरण म्हणजे शिक्षण – Swami Vivekanand. This institution has had sincere and serious attempts to march towards this perfection under the leadership of all our former principals. I am fortunate to have the guiding light of such stalwarts which inspire us to take this institution forward to touch new greater heights. Education is not the amount of information that is put into the brain and runs right there undigested, rather it is a process to build character with equal development of mental and intellectual abilities to become self-reliant. We strongly believe in this and have been successfully marching towards this end over the past three and half decades.

Missionaries in Vasai had dedicated their lives to convert the dreams of spreading higher education into the goal of learned society. Their actions have been yielding the fruits in the form of many hundreds of youth passing out with flying colors. We look forward the beginning of new academic year 2020-21 as I envision the tremendous capacities in our human resources, be it professors, library staff administrative office or technical / support staff, as they are competent enough to cater to the diverse needs of the students across different activities such as sports, cultural, social service, lifelong learning, NCC vis-a-vis academics. We believe in the culture of respecting, celebrating and nurturing individual differences in order to gain all round development of our students.

We live in the digital era and information technology which has conquered all aspects of our lives. It is indispensable to learn the art of modern means of disseminating information among students. Classrooms coupled with e-classrooms can add value to modern learning. We will ensure the widespread use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the up-to-date learning experience. The entire admission process including payment of fees is ensured with online mode. Gradually we aim at plastic free and eco-friendly campus with Go Green alternatives. With growing digitisation, we are sure that it will enhance our capabilities and efficiency. The college is getting ready to diversify its portfolio of different courses and programs blending traditional knowledge with a modern approach to enhance the skills and capabilities to meet the needs of the contemporary industry. Keeping these things in mind, the college management under the visionary leadership of His Grace Archbishop Dr. Felix Machado is expanding physical infrastructure with a new building coupled with state-of-the-art technology with 36 new classrooms.

Covid-19 has badly impacted education all over the globe. Indefinite closure of college has created uncertainty about the future course of actions. It has created a learning vacuum and skill deficiency. When the students are away from their brick and mortar classrooms for months, the learning deficit keeps mounting. To face and tackle this unprecedented challenge, we at St. Gonsalo Garcia College have been constantly trying to provide an innovative learning experience for our learners. The college has got the G – Suite from Google. It has been useful in providing an institutional Google account to every learner and staff (both teaching as well as non-teaching) a dedicated Google account with many educational applications including Google meet. Now our students can access a number of educational services with unlimited storage on their account. The students can approach the college office electronically on dedicated communication channels. This not just saves time, money and energy but also creates the productivity and efficacy of college administration in providing services to the stakeholders.

Learning is a continuous and multidimensional process. It involves providing a required platform to every learner to excel in the field of his or her interest. Thus, it has been our constant endeavour to identify, acknowledge and further develop the hidden talent of the millennials. We thus strive to provide the best possible infrastructure and ambiance on the campus which will enable every learner to take their academic and skill enrichment to new heights. Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and fruitful new academic year 2020-21.