Department of Rural Development

Rural Development

St. Gonsalo Garcia College's Department of Rural Development offers options ranging from FYBA to doctorate in the arts. The University of Mumbai also has a Ph.D. Center for Rural Development.

Various alternative courses are offered by the Department of Rural Development which opens the way for higher studies. Vasai is a multilingual division, Palghar district is known as a tribal district and agriculture is the major occupation, hence the subject has gained extraordinary importance.

Teachers use audio-visual aids to make the teaching and learning process fruitful and engaging, as well as conduct actual field, various training camps, create various project reports so that students get vital information about nature and industry and future direction from different people's experiences.

Every year, lectures are conducted by the Department of Rural Development for subject scholars from other colleges. So that future opportunities can be explored. In the present age, rural development is given more priority, as India is a rural country. And reserved seats have also been created in various areas for this subject.