Our Inception

The historic place ‘Vasai’ (Bassein) has been an important landmark from times in the distant past. Surrounded by the Sahyadri Mountains to the east, enriched by the alluvial soil of the Vaitarni this beautiful green belt is bordered by the boisterous Arabian Sea to the West. This area speaks volumes about human endeavour, toiling to reap the benefits from the green agricultural expanse – the hilly dense forests coupled with the wealth from the seas. Our college is ensconsed in this secure rustic world which is fast changing into a modern industrial environment and life style.

During the 1980’s the Catholic community in and around Vasai felt the need of opening an institution of higher learning. Since1889 the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady Of Grace, Papdy- Bassein has been involved to cater to the educational needs of the Catholic community.

Although Vasai had many important schools run by different organisations yet till the recent past, there were not any institutions of higher learning. Students from this area had to commute to the Bombay city earlier to meet their educational needs.

This felt need saw the public of Vasai create a college in 1970’s, but that was not enough to meet the emerging needs for higher education. In 1975 our college trust (Our Lady of Grace) opened the Thomas Baptista Junior College and in 1984 the St. Gonsalo Garcia College of Arts and Commerce saw the light of existence.

The foundation stone for the institution of higher education and excellence was laid by The Pope John Paul II on 9th Feb, 1986..

Since 1984 the senior college had begun functioning at the premises of the Thomas Baptista Junior College. It was only in 1996 that the entire college administration and teaching shifted to the present campus.