Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To provide the rural youth higher education aimed at academic excellence coupled with over all character formation through moral ethical and spiritual values inculcating the spirit of research and discovery, to orient in skills, to ensure employment and self-sufficiency through various courses to enhance essential human resource development for the overall improvement of life which lead to nation building.

Our Mission

St. Gonsalo Garcia College is committed to the integrated development of youth for individual and social transformation.

  • To offer Higher education to the needy without the distinction of caste and creed.
  • To imbibe students with the culture of decency and dignity enabling them to establish themselves as citizens with educational, intellectual, moral, spiritual integrity and sincerity.
  • To enable training and access to relevant fields of interest and talents.
  • To help students access to job opportunities in Vasai and outside.
  • To avail opportunity through the syllabus and extra-curricular activities to develop awareness and understanding of the plethora of avenues available.
  • To motivate the staff, to develop their creative potential in their respective field of research and development, to provide maximum opportunities to students to enhance their talents.
  • To encourage the staff and students to co-ordinate their skills and abilities to enhance their creative expressions.