Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

About the Course:

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) is an undergraduate degree in commerce. Commerce refers to the entire system of an economy that facilitates an environment for business. Traditionally is referred as Degree’s will now be referred to as PROGRAMS. The Programme offered by our college prepares for a career in accountancy, banking, auditing, etc. The syllabus of the Programme and its delivery is industry and practice oriented which enables the students in getting a more meaningful and relevant higher education.B.Com. program (Degree Course) of three years duration is divided into six terms of approx 6 months duration called semester i.e. from Sem I to Sem VI, two semesters per year.

About the Department:

The department came into existence with the inception of the college in the year 1984 to meet the challenges of the vision and mission of the college. The department proved through its existence the vision statement by way of meeting the job opportunities; training students for academic excellence, orienting their skills etc. The department has indirectly ensured employment to the youth in and around Vasai.

The first batch of 99 undergraduates passed out in the year 1987. The result was 50 % with just one first class, 49-second classes. The department has come a long way since then. Ms. Arti Kodape one of our students stood in the Eighth position in the university of Mumbai. The department’s concentration on achieving results in the University examinations during these years was something commendable. Even in the years in which University results were low the college result has not fallen below 70%. Five of the past students, Mr. Sebastian Rebello, Hycintha Andrades, Vikram Trevedi, Rupali Pereira, Priti Colaco are now become the faculty members of the department.

The Commerce & Accounts department has selected such course areas, which compliment the vision of the institution. The Accounts Department, to meet the challenges of today, has provided jobs to many of our students. Many are Chartered accountants, Cost accountants, and MBAs etc. The able guidance of the faculty has helped some of them to pass C.A exams while they were undergraduates or immediately after their graduation. We have produced able managers; they are serving in different Government and private institutions. Our students were also encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities of the college. They have bagged many prizes for the college at university, zonal, state and national level.

Intake Capacity:

640 Students


1  Prof.Saritha Kurien, SET  HOD, Associate Professor
2 Prof. Stanislaus Lopes M.Com, AICA, SET  Assistant Professor
3  Prof. Hycintha Andrades M.Com, M.Phil., AICWA  Assistant Professor
4  Prof.Sebastian Rebello M.Com, MPhil  Assistant Professor
5  Prof.Monica Penkar M.Com; NET,SET  Associate Professor
6  Prof. Evonne J. Sakharani M.Com, LLB, ICWA; SET  Associate Professor
7  Dr. N. S. Zambare M.Sc., SET  Assistant Professor
8  Prof. Albina Joshi  M.Sc   Assistant Professor
9  Prof. Ajeetkumar Yadav   M.Sc, MPhil, SET  Assistant Professor


F.Y.B.Com. Syllabus

S.Y.B.Com. Syllabus

T.Y.B.Com. Syllabus