The N.C.C raises the slogan Unity and Discipline. N.C.C exist to imbibe students with culture of decency & dignity, enabling them to establish themselves as citizens with educational, intellectual, moral, spiritual integrity and sincerity, which is also one of the objectives of our college. This motivated us to encourage our students to enroll in National Cadet Corps, the biggest Youth Organisation in the nation.


Our students were enrolling in different units of Army, Navy and Air wing of N.C.C in different colleges of Mumbai. After the commissioning of one of our lecturers as an Associate N.C.C Officer, a sub unit of I Mah. Armd. Sqn N.C.C was started in the year 1998 to enable the students of Vasai to practice in Vasai. Our unit is having a cadet strength of 80. The enrollment is open to the students of colleges affiliated to the Mumbai University. Since 1998, 80 cadets were enrolled every year to the sub-unit of I Mah. Armd. Sqn N.C.C and some students were enrolled in different units. Girls students of the college has enrolled with I Mah. Girls Bts. N.C.C Mumbai.

N.C.C Activities

N.C.C of our unit actively participates in different activities such as:

  • Our cadets supported the government authorities participating in Polio Vaccination, cadets assisted the municipal hospital in distribution of polio drops.
  • Cadets were involved in traffic control, helping Vasai police during festival time like Visrajan etc.,
  • Cadets were also involved in aids awareness program, they have even conducted a cycle rally around the villages to spread the message. They presented skit at various places. Cadets undertook blood donation drive every year. They respond to the local needs and donated blood to different hospitals in and around Vasai.
  • With the support of the Ex-cadets they conducted a blood donation camp at Babola for the public and J.J. Hospital Blood Bank team helped the cadets in collecting blood, around 100 bottles of blood were collected from the locals.
  • All round the year cadets coordinated with the N.S.S unit of the college to conduct a blood donation Camp in the college premises.
  • With the support of the Ex-cadets the unit conducted a Disaster Management program and 80 students of the college along with the cadets completed a 5 days course, conducted by the Civil Defense Corps of the Government of Maharashtra. Different officials from the Department of Civil Defence lead various sessions. The last day the cadets organized a practical demo of what they learned.
  • The cadets every year undertake a tree plantation program. Various types of trees and plants were planted in the college premises.
  • N.C.C takes the lead role in hoisting the flag and celebrating the Independence day and the Republic day.

Our cadets led the Independence Day celebrations by conducting a parade at the college premises on the 15th of August 2008. Five Parade Commanders and 60 cadets participated in the Flag Hoisting Ceremony. The samman guard’s drill was introduced for the first time into the Independence Day Parade.

The various programs presented by the cadets were:

  • Samman guards, these guards are armed with rifles to give respect to the chief guest that is salami shatra. They performed a Rifle Drill which stunned all the viewers because of the co-ordination and discipline.
  • 21 Squad Drill, it displays the discipline, unity and co-ordination of cadets marching together and performing maneuvers in a single tone.
  • Flag Area, this is the first time that flag area is done by cadets on 15th August. The flag area is done by the stones, which represents the ARMOUR CORE which is the symbol of ARMOUR SQN.

The overall discipline of the college becomes an onerous duty of the N.C.C at almost all times.

The N.C.C celebrated National Paryavaran Din (National Environmental Day) was celebrated on 11 July 2008. Principal Dr. Fr. Solomon Rodrigues, Vice Principals, Registrar, different faculty members participated with the cadets in planting 80 Saplings. In and around the college Campus.

Cadets participated in honoring the guest during Silver Jubilee Inaugural function of the College. They also supported the staff in maintaining discipline during the programme. College N.C.C cadets also lead the college in the Peace Rally March conducted on 6 December 2008 to protest the Terrorist attack held in Mumbai.

Our cadets participated in the “Save girl Child” rally conducted by the State N.C.C. 30 of our cadets participated in the Rally conducted at Shivaji Park to protest against Terrorist attacks conducted by the University of Mumbai.

Our cadets also participated in various Unit level, Group level & National level camps. Blood Donation Camp: – 10 Cadets participated duly in this Event which was organized on 10 January 2009 by MUMBAI B GROUP at COLABA held by ASHWANI HOSPITAL. Traffic Control – Our cadets assisted the Vasai Police in maintaining Law and order and controlling traffic on the Ganesh Visarjan during the month of September.

Other than this, our cadets have also helped in maintaining discipline during various activities held in the college.


Independence Day

The cadets celebrate the N.C.C day every year displaying the skills and talents they learned during the training period. They show different parading skills, human pyramid structures, simulating the war demonstration, prepare flag areas with the current issues as themes, conduct exhibitions in the class rooms explaining to the vistors the essence and he importance of the defence activities available in the country. Our cadets are at their best in National and state level camps bringing us laurels which the college cherishes dearly

Officers and Parade Instructors

  • N.C.C takes the lead role in hoisting the flag and celebrating the Independence day and the Republic day.
  • The over all discipline of the college becomes an onerous duty of the N.C.C at almost all times.
  • In the current academic year, Lt. Col. Shailendra.S. Lal was the Officer Commanding of 1 MAH. ARMD. SQN. NCC.
  • Capt. Jose George was the Associated N.C.C Officer in charge of 1 MAH. ARMD. SQN. NCC., St. Gonsalo Garcia College sub-unit, Vasai.
  • The Parade Instructors were under the leadership of Rashildar R K Mishra, SDM Kashmir Singh . The Parade Instructors were – JP Sharma, SQMD R. Patil, SDM Sukhadev Singh
  • Current year Cadet Chetan Bhaindarkar was selected as the senior under officer. He took initiative in leading the cadets in various activities.


This year, regular parades started from the first week of July.

  • General fall-ins (in formals) were conducted on Mondays and Unit fall-ins (in Uniform) were conducted on Wednesdays. Unit parades were timed from 11:30 A.M. to 4:15 P.M.
  • In addition Game parades were also organised on Fridays to keep interested cadets active and healthy. Other than these regular parades twice a week, extra fall-ins were held to prepare the cadets for occasions like the Independance Day, the Republic Day and the N.C.C Day.
  • A mini trekking camp was organized at Tungareshwar on the 13th of Sept. 2008, under the leadership of SUO Chetan Bhaindarkar. A total of 50 cadets participated in this adventure camp.


  • National Level Camps: National Integration Camp, Asansol, West Bengal 27 August to 07 September 2008. Five cadets participated. And they won the following positions and prizes. SUO Chetan Chetan Bhaindarkar was selected as the allover India Camp Senior and honured with a gold medal.
  • National Basic leadership camp Asansol, West Bengal 24 September 2008 to 5 October 2008 The Maharashtra won the prize for best Contigent Award in this camp. The Contigent includes two cadets SQMD SURESH SAWANT AND CDT AVINASH SINGH.
  • Republic day camp, Amaravati in the month of July. Two of our cadets reached up to Pre-cat in state level camp. They represent the Mumbai B group.
  • Special camp – Disaster management camp, Pune.Five first of our year cadet were attended this camp. Cadets successfully completed Civil Defence Training Program

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College N.C.C unit hosted a 10 days Combined Annual Training Camp conducted by 1 Maharashtra Armd. Sqn. N.C.C

A ten days combined annual training Camp conducted by 1 Maharashtra Armoured Squadron N.C.C at our College, Vasai came to an end on 3 June 2015. The cadets from various colleges of Mumbai ‘B’ Group attended the camp. The camp is conducted to train the cadets on military and general subjects. This camp was concentrated on training cadets for the world international Day of Yoga by the United Nations scheduled to be conducted on 21 June 2015 from 7:00hrs to 7.35hrs. Every morning 6.00 to 7.00 cadets were trained on specified asanas.

The camp began its activities with the opening address by Lt. Col. Sumit Dutta camp commandant wherein he emphasised the needs and importance of Education and vigorous studies. He urged all the cadets to focus relentlessly on their studies since that will help them in achieving all their dreams.

Cadets were trained on army subjects like foot drill , drill with arms, map reading, firing posters, firing techniques, Permanent Instructors were involved in training the cadets in these areas.

A lecture as improvised Explosive device as taken by Lt. col. Gautam Das in which the appraised all the cadets to be watchful and careful at all times. He placed before the cadets certain tips to consider while they face such issues. Daily routine activities like classes on map reading, weapon handling etc were well conducted during the course of training.

Other than army subjects lectures and practical sessions were conducted on other relevant topics. “The role of literature in shaping the character of youngsters today’’ presented by Principal Dr. Cecilia Carvalho took the cadets to an important method of character formation.

Sgt. Comd. R Batlish (Indian Navy) enlightened the cadets with the practical implication of Hygiene and Sanitation in their day to day living.

Army Recruiting team visited the Camp and illustrated the openings available to cadets in Armed Force in India. They also distributed information brochures to the cadets and encouraged them to consider armed forces career opportunities.

Personality development workshop was conducted by Fr. Dr. Patrick D’souza helped the cadets to tackle their emotional issues. Career guidance and counseling practical classes were conducted by Dr. Somnath Vibhute.

The cadets, PI staff, ANOs and officers participated in a rally on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The rally began from the St. Gonsalo Garcia college and passed through Vasai Fort, Killa bandhar and Pachhubender Cadets marched through this areas with display boards showing slogans and shouting slogans on Swachh Bharat. At Pachhubander they spent time cleaning the road sides.

On 02 June evening cadets conducted cultural evening where Principal Dr. Cecilia Carvalho and Fr. Rajesh Lopes, Administrator of St. Gonsalo Garcia College, were guests. Cadets presented folk dance, one act play conveying the message “whatsapp is for us and we are not for whatsapp”, classical songs, patriotic presentations inspired the participants and it took each of them to realize their responsibility as a patriotic Indian Citizen.

Principal Dr. Cecilia Carvalho and Administrator Fr. Rajesh Lopes spoke on the occasion and encouraged the cadets to practice the values they learned in the camp.

The Camp Commanded in his closing address thanked the authorities of St. Gonsalo Garcia College for providing all the support in conducting the camp in this college and thanked Principal Dr. Cecilia Carvalho and Fr. Rajesh Lopes in their constant support extended to the campers.