St. Gonsalo Garcia College is an institution recognised for its discipline,  academics and  empowering generations of youth in and around Vasai. The College was accredited by the NAAC  in 2004 , 2nd cycle re-accredited in 2015 and 3rd cycle reaccredited in 2023.

The Vision of our founders is reflected in the missionary zeal of the management who believes that service to education is the greatest service to mankind. The institution is carved by the  faculty who are competent, dedicated and motivated to take on any additional responsibility for the sake of their students and the institution that they serve.

The college aspires  to emerge as an institution making significant contributions to society – locally, nationally, and internationally. We are pushing the boundaries of knowledge, transforming  the academic experience, and creating  solutions through innovative teaching, learning and research.

 Garcians are  serving the community around the globe , committed  in creating a better world.

NAAC Accreditation Certificate 3rd cycle 2023

NAAC Accreditation Certificate 

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