Exam & Fees

Exam & Fees

Eligibility To Appear For Additional Semester End Examination

  • A learner who does not appear i.e. remains absent in some or all the courses on medical grounds or for representing the college/university in sports, cultural activities, activities of NSS, NCC or sports training camps conducted by recognized bodies/competent authorities or for any other reason which is considered valid under exceptional circumstances and to the satisfaction of the Principal or the Head of the Institute OR fails in some or all the subjects is eligible to appear for the additional examination.
  • A learner who does not appear for both the Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination shall not be eligible to appear for the additional Semester End Examination.
  • The additional Semester End Examination shall be of two and a hours duration and of 75 marks per course.
  • The learner shall appear for the course of the Semester End Examination for which he/she was absent or has failed. Learners who are punished under O.5050 are not eligible to appear for this additional examination.

Instructions to candidates regarding Examinations

  • Be on time.Bring Identity cards. A candidate who is late by more than 15 minutes without a satisfactory reason shall not be admitted to the examination hall.
  • Answer separate sections in separate books. Examiners do not undertake to examine answers written in the wrong book. Tie together all answer books related to the same paper of section and enter your number on the title page of the first answer book.
  • Exchange of all writing materials, pencils and even mathematical instruments, etc., is strictly prohibited. Ask the supervisor in case anything is needed but do not leave the seat on any time,nor the examination hall during the last ten minutes.
  • A candidate is liable to be instantly expelled if she/he:
    • Keeps with her/her any book, notes or scribbling paper.
    • Speaks to, or communicates in any other way with another candidate.
    • Disobeys any instructions issued by the senior or the junior supervisor or is guilty of rude or disobedient behavior.


  • The St. Dominic savio Scholarship for general proficiency at the F.Y.B.A.
  • The Rev. Fr. Philip D’Cunha Scholarship for general proficiency at the F.Y.B.A.
  • Rt. Rev. Bishop Ignatius D’Cunha Scholarship for highest marks in English at the F.Y.B.A.
  • The St. Maria goretti Scholarship for general proficiency at the F.Y.B.com.
  • The St. Gonsalo Garcia Scholarship for general proficiency at the S.Y.B.A.
  • The St. Francis Xavier Scholarship & Prices.
    • For general proficiency at the S.Y.B.com.
    • Standing 1st in T.Y.B.A university exam.
  • The late Mr. Augustine D’mello Prize for standing 1st in T.Y.B.A university exam.
  • The late Mingel & Janoo Lopes Prize for securing percentage in T.Y.B.A, /T.Y.B.com. University exam.
  • The St Ignatius Loyola Centenary prize for the highest marks in history at the T.Y.B.A University exam.
  • The Late Ms. Shabana Makani Prize for the highest marks in history at the T.Y.B.A University exam.
  • The pandita Ramabai Prize for the Best Female Student.
  • The Xavier Centenary Prize for the highest marks in 3 accounts papers at the T.Y.B.com University Exam.
  • The Special Economics Prizes for the highest marks in Economics at the T.Y.B.A. University Exam.
  • The Blaise D’Mello Computer Prize for the highest in Computer System & Application at the T.Y.B.com.University Exam.
  • The S.Y.B.Com.Accounting Schoarship For the highest marks in Accounta st the S.Y.B.com. Exam.
  • Late Sr.Annie D’Sliva Prize to a lecturer for regular & punctual attendance in college.
  • Adv.Peter Sequeira Scholarship for Business Law for the highest marks in Business Law at the S.Y.B.com Exam.
  • Gabriel & Anna D’Mello Scholarship Standing First in T.Y.B.A University Exam.
  • Regin & Joanna D’Mello Scholarship Standing First In T.Y.B.com University Exam.
  • Late Prof.Bahanan Abraham Scholarship for
    • Highest marks in Advertising at the S.Y.B.com Exam
    • Highest marks in Management and Human Resources Development at the T.Y.B.com University Exam

Other Scholarships & Free Studentships

GOI Scholarship for SC/ST/DT/NT/SBC/OBC Student

GOI Scholarship for student of Non-Hindi speaking states.

Merit Scholarship to children of Primary & Secondary teacher

Free Studentship

  • Economically Backward class Free studentship
  • Free Studentship of Primary & Secondary School Teacher
  • Free Studentship to B.C. Student
  • Educational concession to children, wives, widows of Defence service personal